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etherplay.js allow you to build game for the Etherplay Skill Game Platform : http://etherplay.io

To get started you just need to have node.js / npm installed and execute the following :

npm i -g etherplay-cli

This would install the etherplay command line globally (you can install it locally instead via npm i etherplay-cli)

After that you will be able to mimic the etherplay environment on your machine to test your game

execute the following : etherplay serve <game file path> [<port>] where the game file path is your javascript file

and you ll get a local server running on the specified port (default to 8080) that will serve your game file along side whatever is in the containing folder

You can then start playing your game on http://localhost:<port> (by default http://localhost:8080)

In order for your game to run though you will need to call the right api using etherplay.init(...)

No code apart from variable and function declaration/initialisation should be running outside of the method and callback provided to etherplay.init

In other words you game.js file will look like the following:

var shell = ... //initialise the shell and its various method
var gameLoader = ... //initialise the gameLoader and its various method including "createNewGame" that should return a Game

    ... //input configuration


External modules