What exactly is Etherplay?

Etherplay is a skill game platform where players compete for highscores while playing fun little games. Similar to arcade machines, player pays a small fee to enjoy some fun time. The twist is that you get some money back if your score is among the top.

Thanks to Ethereum, Etherplay is able to ensure transparency and fairness among our players. You can rest assured that only your skill matters. Everybody got a chance.

Here is the way it works:


Why Ethereum?
We were actually planning to build a skill game portal using traditional technology and fiat currencies. Fortunately, we encountered Ethereum and its community on our way. Not only Ethereum was a joy to work with, it allowed us to build our system with less hassle. We can't wait to see our games being played on such amazing tech!
Is Etherplay's smart contract entirely trustless?
No. We originaly dreamed of having the Ethereum network compute the proof of winners automatically but this turned out to be impossible in term of gas cost. There might be other alternative solutions but we think our current oracle based smart contract is sufficient mainly because while the oracle is run by us, all the data is available to see and thus our system is verifiable. If we were to screw up, everybody would see. We will thus have no benefit in screwing up if we want Etherplay to succeed.
What are the fees you take?
We are planning to start with a 25% fee (a standard in skill games platform) and go downward from there if necessary. We will never go above this. While this might seems high coming from gambling game platforms, this fee will be used to fund new games and general development. This will allow us to strive long term and keep providing first class entertainment. Note that our smart contract is flexible enough so that fees can be configured for each competition. We also might consider other form of investment which might allow us to reduce the fee.
Do you plan to do a crowdsale?
We are open to the idea but we prefer to wait before going through this route. If you would like to invest in Etherplay, let us know.
Is the smart contract source code available?
Yes, you can inspect the code here. We will release it on the mainnet when ready.
What games Etherplay is going to have?
We have currently one game actively worked on and we hope to get more games soon after. The type of games we are planning to release at first is simple action-type games. Let us know what you would like to play. Note that our beta test is a special game used only for the occasion but we might consider to bring it to the mainnet too.
When will be the beta test?
The beta is on now! Play it there.
When will be the first game playable with real ether?
The goal is to get it ready at the end of the year.
Any more Questions?
Let us know: contact@etherplay.io

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