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Conquest.eth is open-source!

Oct 06, 2023


We are excited to finally release the full source code of our flagship game: Conquest.eth the persistent and permission-less game of diplomacy!

We have been working on Conquest.eth since early 2020, more than 3 years ago. Before that we were experimenting with our first attempt at Autonomous Worlds, with the aptly named Ethernal in early 2019.

We launched 2 alphas and 1 beta since and launched the forever-running Conquest D.E.F.CON edition in April 2022 as part of our presentation at the D.E.F.CON conference. We believe this marked a milestone for Autonomous Worlds: In the footsteps of Huntercoin, Conquest.eth is since then a forever-running game, an independent universe open to anyone. In our own words, an Infinite Game.

That launch was actually planned just a week before the presentation. We just wanted to do something special and thought the game was ready enough for players to play in the medium it was designed for: permission-less and persistent. This was successful with a $2000 player stake at its peak and some cool stories written: Algorithmic Survival in the Metaverse, but our plans for Conquest.eth do not stop there. You can follow our progress on our devlog and we hope to post some updates there soon. If you registered for our mailing list via the Stratagems website, you might want to register for our Conquest-specific mailing list too, or vice versa.

In the meantime, check out the source code and build upon it! You can, for example, create your own alliance smart contract to better coordinate with unknown players. Can't wait to see where this is going. We will be working on an update ourselves and plan to build it in the open as we do for Stratagems, our new game.

We also invite you to read the Conquest.eth Game Book if you have not already.

Conquest.eth is immutable!

We are thrilled to also announce that Conquest.eth is now immutable. We always described Conquest.eth as such with persistence and permissionless-ness in mind, as this is how we always intended Conquest.eth to be, but in truth, we kept, until now that is, some hatches open to fix any potential issues.

The game has been running for more than a year now though, and we are glad to announce that Conquest.eth is now immutable. The diamond contract that handled the previous upgrades has now its owner set to the zero address. There is nothing we can do anymore!

Conquest will now truly live until Gnosis chain, the network the game runs on, dies, if ever. This will not change the gameplay; on the contrary, it will ensure the gameplay remains the same, but we are excited about it nevertheless as this marks a significant milestone for us.

$1000 Reward To Fight For

To celebrate having the game open-source and immutable, we have staked a total of $1000 on various planets in Conquest's outer space. It is up to you to go grab them!

Note that the planets are owned by a smart contract that cannot fight back. Consider this as a prize pool to conquer. Best of luck!

Hope you enjoy this surprise, and for those who played Conquest in its various past summonings, we hope this will bring yet new stories to tell. We will be watching!

Rewards spread across Outer Space

SDAI and A New Reward Mechanism For Players

While we had the upgrade hatch open, we took the opportunity to 2 things.

First, we enabled sDAI as the undelrying assets for our Play token. This means that instead of xdai, the native Gnosis token, every Play token is now backed by sDAI, and each of these tokens will generate interest. Initially, this interest would be directed towards us, aligning with our original plan to leverage DAI and the DeFi protocol on Layer 1 to explore the new business model it offers.

Secondly we added a reward mechanism, and now the more you play, the more you earn points, relative to your stake at risk. We call them Credits.

It works similarly to Uniswap liquidity mining. But note that we have not decided how these will be used yet and make no promise about it. Furthermore, while the Credits are already counting up, we did not activate withdrawal yet.

Note that the Credits contract is completely separate from the game so Conquest remains immutable with or without withdrawal of Credits. The reason we gave ourselves control on Credits’ withdrawal is to adjust the rewards as we decide what to do with them and when to stop them. We intend to finalize this in the future with the help of the community. For now, you can consider Credits as a vanity reward.

More news!

While this source code release for Conquest.eth is a huge milestone for us, we have been working on many other things these past years:

How to connect

We have a brand-new website where you can subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already done so.

We are also present on Twitter as Etherplay, but you can also follow each game independently too: Conquest.eth, Stratagems, or wighawag personal twitter.

And to chat with other players and discuss our games, join our community. Our games have at their core a strong social component and we expect many of these in-game social relationships will start there.

So if you want an edge, come join us and we hope you'll make lots of friends!


We hope to see you in Outer Space