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Founded in 2016, Etherplay is a Blockchain Game Studio Based in Scotland Building Unstoppable Games running on Ethereum technology. We built the first game playable with Metamask in 2016 and continued to innovate since then.

In particular we have been working on fully persistent and permission-less games, also known as Autononmous Worlds since early 2019, including the aptly named "Ethernal" and the forever running Conquest.eth which will remains live until the network it runs on, dies if ever. Conquest.eth is a first game of its kind: an Infinite game of diplomacy where players can join at any time.

We are continuing exploring the world of the possible in this exciting new space, enabled by blockchain technology and our latest "Stratagems" explore the idea of permission-less composability with immutable ruleset.


At Etherplay we started to explore the intersection of blockchain and gaming back in 2016. Inspired by even earlier experiments like Hunter Coin we saw the potential in blockchain for novel type of games. You can read more about the idea on Ronan's article on "Infinite Games".

Prior to Conquest.eth and Stratagems we explored various games, including our skill game platform Etherplay which ran the first games on Ethereum that could be played right in your browser. Then we continued exploring what was possible with this new exciting technology and started experimenting with on-chain games (games where all the rules are encoded on the blockchain) like our game "Tug of War" and later in collaboration with Jia, "Ethernal". The later attracted a enthusiastic community who played the game on Polygon testnet.

We learned a lot and realised the potential for simple game mechanism mixed with a social component: Diplomacy. That's how Conquest was born and how Stratagems follow suite.


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